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We have something special going on at Uniquethingsonline.com. We want to help you make your day a little easier for you. We will do your shopping for you. While we can do new clothes and will at your request, we are focusing at this time on thrifting clothes. Here is all you have to do:

Customer service is in our blood. If we don’t have what you want, we’ll search for it. How does it work? Give us some basic information. Once we have the basic information the search begins for your item. Once we have located an item that we believe fits your request, we will purchase the item and send you a picture of the item. If the item picture meets your expectations then you’ll pay for the item plus five dollars for the search. Shipping is free. If you don’t like item picture you will owe us nothing. Our regular 30 day return policy is enforced for items that are mailed to you. Shipping is free.

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What’s great is that after we show you a picture, and you determine you don’t like the item after all, there’s no obligation on your part.
Thrifting has gotten quite a following recently. Why? The cost of items has become so out-of-control that you have to use all means at your disposal to make ends meet. There’s no shame in that. People thrift for many reasons, such as thrifted clothes are cheaper, and can be just as wearable as clothes that come from the store that has been taken home for trying on, no telling how many times. Thrifting, like so many things, has changed in society’s view. Take, for example, marijuana; it use to send you to jail, and that’s slowly changing as people have recognized that there are good qualities to marijuana. The same with thrifting; it was looked down upon to buy clothes from stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and back in the day there was John’s Bargain Store. People did shop at these stores, but it was kept quiet. When you went into a store and you saw somebody you knew, you both looked the other way. That was just was the way it was.  
Nowadays, you have all types of people combing through the clearance racks at stores trying to figure out how much of a markup they can add to a item’s cost. Here in Florida, thrifting is very very popular ;so popular that you have people lined up waiting for some thrift stores to open to get the bargains. When I witnessed this, I was blown away to see people in line waiting to get in. It was almost like Walmart’s early shopping at Christmas time. Wow!.
One of the most popular sites to sell your thrifted items on is Ebay. My spouse thrifts on Ebay, and it’s not as easy as you might think; especially to get your items up for sale within the first few items items people will see. My garage has become my spouse’s office. There are a couple of tables, a laptop, a camera, a tripod, white background, a steamer, and packaging. And then there’s the listing of your items, and you should post on a regular basis so that Ebay knows you are a serious seller. You have to deal with the customers, which can cause a lot of headaches. My spouse is very patient with people and, no matter how many times a customer asks for another picture, she will oblige them. You need a lot of patience; I just want to stress that again. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there that will tell you how to thrift and how to get views for your YouTube channels. You have lightly worn clothes, or things that you can’t fit (we all have clothes that we can’t wear). Thrifting might be a way to get rid of unused clothes, and make a few dollars on the side.
Thrifting is a lot of work, if you really want to be considered a thrifter. We at Unique Things can take care all of the headaches of thrifting for you; and remember, there’s no obligation to purchase if you change your mind and our fee is only $5.00 for searching for you. What can be better than that free shipping. Let us here at Unique Things shop for you. We offer free gift wrapping too.

Do I Have a Crowdfunding Addiction?

I am beginning to think I have a crowdfunding addiction because I can’t seem to pass up new products on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. This morning, I wanted to see what the dictionary description of compulsive behavior is versus the definition for addiction to see which I might be.
The dictionary defines compulsive behavior as performing an act persistently and repetitively without it necessarily leading to an actual reward or pleasure.
The dictionary defines addictive behavior as an inability to consistently abstain, an impairment in behavioral control, a craving, a diminished recognition of significant problems with one’s behaviors and interpersonal relations, and a dysfunctional emotional response.
Now, after reading the definitions, I might not fit into any category. The reason I wondered about this is because I have invested in over 120 ideas of other people on those two sites. Let me back up a minute and explain what and how Kickstarter and Indiegogo work. Let’s say you have a idea for a product, a book, a movie, mostly anything that you feel can go from a idea to a real-life product, but you don’t have the funds. Then you crowdfund and ask people to invest in your idea so they can get in on the product early, before it is made public. I started investing in these two sites, which work very similarly in providing a site for campaign managers and investors to get together. Both sites provide a product description, a timeline from beginning to end, and a description of what the will use your money for. This is all provided by the campaign manager. I want to say this right now before you run to these sites and start investing: there is no guarantee that any idea you invest in will actually work. I have lost plenty of money funding ideas for which either the person with the idea took the money and ran or the person just didn’t have the ability to go further with their idea. There is no refund for failed projects on either site. I started funding projects, by my estimate, 10 years ago, when smart watches were just in the discussion phase at the big companies like Apple. The meta watch was my first investment. It connected with your phone, and like today’s smart watches, it gave me information from my phone. The meta watch was big and clunky, but it did what is was supposed to do, so I didn’t have to take out my phone. The Martian watch was my next purchase, and it was a step up. It not only looked nice but also gave you information from your phone on a little strip at the bottom of the watch face. The Martian watch allowed you to talk into the watch, like Dick Tracy. It was the first watch to have that ability, that I know of. They are both out of business now. This was the beginning of my love affair with crowdfunding. I like to be able to have items that haven’t gone out to the public. I like that wow factor when people come to my home and see my Flyte clock with the levitating sphere.

My crowdfunding love affair led to my spouse and me opening an e-commerce business called Uniquethingsonline.com. What I have learned in the three years of having a e-commerce business is that crowdfunding projects are not for everybody. There’s a special group of us that will pay for these products. The other problem with crowdfunding projects is that the ideas are taken to China to be made into a real item, and by doing this, the projects are duplicated more cheaply by the same people that they use to make the product. Our e-commerce business never really took off as we had hoped. This hasn’t stopped me from investing. I have come up with another idea, which is to fund the project in the early stages when it’s at its lowest, and then, once the campaign for the product has ended, I sell my investment. The retail price is always higher than when you get in as the early bird, so I can sell it on eBay and make a profit. That’s my new plan, and I’ll let you know if it works. Maybe I’m borderline addicted, not fully fledged addicted, but close. I have retired, so money is tighter for investing, but I rationalize that by selling for a profit, it’s okay to buy, but it’s not really. Writing this makes me realize it’s not okay to run up credit cards with the hope of making a profit in the future. Addictions are hard. I think the first step is recognizing you have a problem and want to get help. I will become more aware of my investing and ask myself some basic questions, like, “Will people see a need in this product, or will it enhance a person’s life?” I have to be truthful in my answers, or there won’t be any purpose to these questions. Am I addicted? Maybe not, but if I don’t become more aware of investing, I could be headed to Dr. Phil’s chair for some tough love.


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Customer service is in our blood. If we don’t have what you want, we’ll search for it. How does it work? Give us some basic information. Once we have the basic information the search begins for your item. Once we have located an item that we believe fits your request, we will purchase the item and send you a picture of the item. If the item picture meets your expectations then you’ll pay for the item plus five dollars for the search. Shipping is free. If you don’t like item picture you will owe us nothing. Our regular 30 day return policy is enforced for items that are mailed to you. Shipping is free.
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Stacking Money in 2019

It’s a new year, and I want to help you with one of your resolutions. Every year, we resolve to eat right, exercise, and save money. This blog is to help you solve one of those problems-actually, the only one I’m capable of; the other two are on you. These days, most things are expensive; you have to put two or three paychecks together if you want to pay cash. It’s not easy by any means. One thing you have to realize is that you are not alone in trying to make ends meet. You want to save money, but how? Don’t let fear keep you from increasing your financial worth. How many times do you discuss your financial situation with a family member or friend, (except in generic terms)., or make a joke about it. Like “(I can see the lint in my pocket, I’m so broke”). There are many like-minded people out there just like you who want to save but have limited funds, and know nothing of what’s out there that can help them change their financial situation.

Stocks and Stilettos

One group that’s out there helping women to learn all about investing is Cassandra Cummings’ Stock and Stilettos group. Cummings is a motivator and leader who gives women a platform to learn about investing and moving forward in their quest to be financially stable.

What caught my eye first about Stock and Stilettos was that name, which I found is exactly what this group is about women learning about investing financially in various ways. This is a very sought-after group with women from all backgrounds coming together to get educated and share about how to become financially fit. Your thinking can be anywhere from “I don’t know anything about investing” to “I want to expand my stock portfolio”; Stocks and Stilettos has something for you. Cummings is a hands-on leader who shares knowledge via FaceTime and brings in guest speakers to spread their knowledge to the women. There are classes and clubs that not only share knowledge, but help to form life-long friendships among the women. Stocks and Stilettos provides many ways to get beyond the “I don’t know anything about investing” mindset to you being confident in your investment choices.

  Beginners have no need to feel intimated. I just took a candlestick chart class that was for beginners who wanted to start to learn this type of chart. There are a lot of charts that can be used in investing. I found the class informative and not so involved that I felt lost.

This is a group every woman should consider joining to increase your financial knowledge and to be able to replace the lint in your pocket with green bills. If you’ve ever wondered about the stock market, options, cryptocurrency, or any financial vehicle, all it takes is going on Facebook and asking to join, and you will be on your way to bettering your financial situation.


I call Acorns the-no-think about way of saving because you really just forget about it. It’s so easy, you won’t realize you’re saving.  This is how’s it done every time you buy something, Acorns rounds up the change and invests automatically. For example, if you buy a shirt for $12.50, Acorns rounds up to $13.00, invests the $0.50 automatically.  I know right at this moment you’re saying, “She’s crazy to think I’m going to put my hard-earned money in the stock market when it’s tanking every-day.” This is where the no-think part of Acorns comes in. You just spend, and they will do the investing for you. I’m not saying that you should just give someone your money and never look at it again (no way), but what I am saying is you don’t have to go out and buy Invest Dummies books to save through Acorns. There is an app and questions to see what your goals are. I’ve used Acorns since it started, and have never had a problem with customer service or withdrawing or adding funds. Saving will come no easier than with Acorns. There is a fee associated with Acorns.


When you start seeing you bank account inch up, you’ll want to invest in all kinds of things (options and real estate, to name a few). I became interested in land through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. There was a campaign a company named Acres was running to purchase land by paying for it monthly. When you finish paying, you get a clean title to the land.

While I’m mentioning Kickstarter, are you creative? I mean, can you sing, make something, or improve something out there? Then crowdfunding maybe the way for you to increase your financial worth. There are two crowdfunding sites that I am familiar with: Kickstarter and Indiegogo. I’m sure there are a lot that I don’t know about, but these are the two I have used personally. Crowdfunding is basically where you have an idea and you get people to believe in your dream by funding it. Here’s were the making money part comes in: you can sell your products to places like Amazon or Walmart, or through your own website.I have not created any campaigns however, I have helped fund dreams through crowdfunding such as Acres. I have a blog where I talk about the sites, called Uniquethings.blog.


Real estate can be a great investment for your future. Fundrise is a real estate company that invests in property. They loan money and invest in up-and-coming communities in many states. What I like about Fundrise are the different types of homes and communities that I am invested in, as well as the communication they provide about new properties they are investing in. They provide you very-easy- to- understand information and descriptions about the different properties. There is an investment cost of $1,000 to join. The other thing I want to mention about Fundrise is that you set up a monetary goal and  pay down on that goal on a monthly basis. For example, if you wanted $20,000 within five years, you would pay $233 a month. I’m sure there are other ways to invest in real estate out there, and as your portfolio grows, consider adding real estate to your portfolio.

I just became aware of two websites that allow you to invest in real estate: Buildingbits.com and The Tulsa Real Estate Fund. I know very little of these two companies; Building Bits lets you choose the property that you want to invest in, and the Tulsa Real Estate Fund is African American- owned. Please do your research or talk to someone with experience before investing.


eBay and other sites where you resell items for profit are another way to increase your finances. My spouse does this, and it can be profitable, but you have to be careful of eBay fees. I tell people I’ll never look at a clearance rack the same. Why? Because every item on a clearance rack can potentially be resold for profit. It is not only items from your closet that can be resold; people actually go to Goodwill, thrift shops, and clearance racks to get the items they resell. Check it out on YouTube; this is a growing business for housewives. Did you know that Goodwill has a website that resellers use to increase their inventory? How times have changed.


The website Robinhood is a very popular way to invest with minimal funds. Robinhood has a commission-free investing platform, which gives you more money to invest.

Robinhood offers such investment vehicles as stock, options and cryptocurrency, and offers information about the companies you are interested in. I personally like the ease of use, and being able to see what analysts are saying about a company before I invest. When you’re looking for an easy way to invest, give Robinhood some consideration.


Stockpile is another web-based way to invest, like Robinhood. There were things I liked about investing in Stockpile, and things I did not like as much. What I liked about Stockpile is that you can invest in factual shares, but what I didn’t like was that your trades aren’t, completed until the end of the day. Here’s an example of factual investing with Stockpile: Let’s say you want to invest in Amazon, but don’t have $1,500 for a whole share. You can go to stockpile and buy a factional share of Amazon for, say, $25, and you can own a piece of Amazon. Stockpile is great for the person on limited funds who wants to own a piece of a company that would otherwise be out of their reach financially. Stockpile puts big companies such as Netflix and Amazon within your reach.


I’m only mentioning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum  because there is so much hope that crypto will do for us what the dollar does, which is to buy whatever you want. You will see many opinions as to whether cryptocurrency is worth investing in, since it’s very volatile at this time. Crypto is definitely something you should do your homework on or take a class on with a group such as Stocks and Stilettos.

No matter whether you’re new to investing or not, you should do your own research. Read books and ask questions. Don’t follow the hype unless you’ve come to the same conclusion. You should join groups such as Stocks and Stilettos and Robinhood, which also has a Facebook group. Everyone has their own situation, and my situation certainly won’t be yours, so be informed in your investments. Don’t spend the grocery money to invest, and learn to have patience, because nothing happens overnight. Happy Investing in 2019!

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