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Trying to decide on products caused another one of those “What the hell?” moments. Not easy. I knew demographics sort of determines what you buy. I mean, you’re not going to buy a flashing t-shirt for your 80 year old grandmother, but maybe you would. But, for the sake of considering demographics, you wouldn’t put those two together.

Demographics Who Are You?

Let’s talk demographics: demographics is nothing more than what or who you are targeting. My demographics were geeks or people who want to be ahead of the trend. My spouse’s demographics were whoever will part with their money. Can you see the problem here? What she considers or does not consider is not about targeting – well, maybe, if you consider anyone willing to pay her price. How I decided on this demographic is simple: I love the “wow factor” that you get when you have something nobody else has, though I don’t like the attention.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: I was walking down the train steps in New York City and I had on a watch that you can talk into. This watch was one of the first smart watches. You got notifications from your phone on this little space at the bottom of the watch. I decided to take a call on the watch and some guy sees me doing this and he says, “That’s cool.” Well, I flew down the steps – you would have thought a gang of people were chasing me. I mean, it was New York we’re talking about and you never know when someone is talking to you honestly or they’re setting you up to be robbed. Anyway, I never took any more calls on that watch in public again. That is basically why I targeted that group. Once I explained what a demographic was, and my reasoning for geek demographic, I was told that I was being to limited. Well I wanted to know what her demographic was, since it couldn’t be just people spending money. Then it became: let’s buy products that are for different ages. But, that couldn’t work, unless we were going to buy 1 of a product. We didn’t have money like that. Here we go again, not speaking because we couldn’t agree.

Finally, I put on my big boy pants and swallowed my pride. I sat down over morning coffee and explained why we should target geeks. What I needed her to understand is that Amazon is every retailer’s competition. They have everything, but they are less likely to have geek gadgets in abundance. Well, it did work we decided to go with geek gadgets – the kind that people don’t know they want until you bring it to their attention. The items had to have that “wow factor.”

Crowding funding Sites, Here We Come

Here’s my secret: I get all of those “wow factor” items from crowding funding sites. I will be talking specifically about them in my next blog or two. They deserve their own blog and you too can be walking down the street with a “wow factor item.” A crowdfunding site is where you back a vision or project of other people. These project managers, as they are called, can be any place in the world. The project or vision can be anything that the person or persons feel will be get their name out. There are a variety of reasons people take the crowdfunding road, and of course, the main reason is money. There are not only crowdfunding projects of things you’ve never heard of, but people also use this fund sourcing as means to get money to promote music, books and films. The huge goal of these people with projects is convincing people to part with their money. The other thing I want you to realize is that crowdfunding is like going to the casino: there is a 50 percent change you might hit it big, but there is a 50 percent chance you go home, with your head down, wondering why in the world you spent your money. Crowdfunding is no guarantee. There have been plenty of investments in projects that I never see. In the next blog, I’ll tell you about two of the most popular sites. Don’t leave now we have a way to go!


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