Unique Things Products for The Person Who Wants To Be Different

Hello Unique People,

I’ve been sidetracked in my postings for Unique Things, and I will post every Friday, from now on. We thought that it would be nice to have a couple of giveaways to thank you for shopping with us. The way the giveaway will work is to go to Uniquethingsonline.com and give me your opinion on the website setup, prices, products and what you would buy from us in the future. I am looking for at least 5 lines and the giveaways will go to those who I feel have given a well-thought-out opinion. I will choose the winners on 27 August 2017. Please enter your opinion and email in the comments box at the end of the blog. The prize is a small Bluetooth speaker. I have two to giveaway, and we will be doing this periodically so we can gauge how you, our customers, feel about your shopping experience with us.

Unique Things Products

There are no two people who agree on everything, however it takes a lot of compromising to start a business with your spouse. It is so easy for a business disagreement to become a relationship issue. I like expensive items, that maybe we can only buy 2 of, and she likes cheap items, where we can buy 100. Our disagreement became such a issue that we were each ordering our own products. When the products came in, they became not Unique Things products, but mine or her products. Then we tried dividing up the jobs for Unique Things, like my overseeing ordering and her in charge of website-building, that didn’t work, because she was still ordering when I was asleep. When the packages came in, she would hide them and pretend like they were here all along. Crazy, yes, but this is what I had to deal with. In the rest of this blog, I want to show you some of the Unique Things products and descriptions. I hope that, once you see them, you will agree that they are unique.

Flower Pot Floats And Spins
Your Memories Will Float In This Picture Frame
Floating Nightlight
Bluetooth Floating Speaker
T-Shirt Flashes To Your Music

One Less Thing To Carry Put Your Phone In This Water Bottle
One Wheel Skateboard with Lights
Bluetooth Backpack With Speaker, Charger and Remote

This is a sampling of the products you will see on our website: uniquethingsonline.com. When you are finished checking out our website come back to the blog and write your opinion with email address in the comments section. Please look for my blog every Friday.

Author: Unique Things

Retired with dogs is not at all what you would expect. I retired from DoD about 18 months ago. My spouse and I married a year ago and just had our first anniversary. We have two dogs that have honk they are not dogs but rulers of us. Read my blogs to see why I sometimes wish I was still working.

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