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Hello Unique People 

I hope you understand from my previous blog that I was done with Unique Things. It was no longer a company built to make a little extra income for retirement, but had turned into her company. She listened to every person with an idea and shot down my one request, which was to advertise. This was bad enough, but everything revolved around the company; our life had stopped. She was staying up until 3 and 4am researching and self-teaching herself the business. I know some would wonder, what was bad about that? But I just felt that we needed a break, a movie on Netflix at this point would have been okay.
What I do want people to understand is that, when you start a business with your spouse, it should be 50-50. There will be times when one partner puts in more money or work than the other, but as long as both of you are contributing in some fashion, then the business can progress along. When one person starts to feel some kind of way, then it’s time to backup and take a look at what’s going. It’s time to reevaluate the business. The business can’t be your relationship. It should not be that you come in the door and you’re not eating, just so you can get on the computer. It’s not fair to the other person or yourself. You need space to unwind and think about the direction you’re going in. I would think a relationship would be more important than a business that might get of the ground, there are no guarantees of success today in business. There are a lot of variables today, such as people holding onto their cash and unexplained violence in all corners of the world. You have to keep your priorities straight.

CEO-Anita Powell

Well, as you can tell from the paragraph title I am now CEO of Unique Things. How? I showed no interest whatsoever in the business. I was not involved, so why would I want to have a conversation about a business I was no longer a part of? The kicker came by way of a Facebook group she joined on starting a business. They looked at the website and told her what I said about some of the products on the website. There were items that she was putting on the website because they were cheap, such as an emoji purse for a 5-year-old. I mean, really? How does that factor into what Unique Things is all about. She was crushed, and then she wanted to listen to me.
Again, I pushed for advertisement, but she still seemed reluctant. I did feel bad, because I know how much work she had put into learning how to create and monitor a website. I was not putting as much money as before into the business. I wanted to see some advertisement. She then learned how to get advertising on Groupon, Ebay, and Facebook. You don’t know how time consuming those things are. Anyway, before all of the advertising, and after she got her feelings hurt, we sat down and had a talk. I said I would only come back to Unique Things if I was CEO. Okay, I know it’s only the 2 of us, but it was more symbolic to me.

Unique Things Website

The Unique Things website was running and she made some sales on her job. She was still buying, but at least now she asked my opinion before she bought, not after. Our money was low and our dogs weren’t eating steak anymore; they had to eat chicken breast. We did find time for a Netflix movie and a few laughs. The computer wasn’t being turned on as soon as she walked through the door. The times it was subtle like, “Let me show you something,” she’d say. Then she would just start whatever she needed to do. She changed the website; every other night it looked different. I, as the CEO, had to put a stop to that. I told her consumers like familiarity in online stores, which they couldn’t have if she was changing it so often.
In the next blog, we will take a look at some more of our products and I’ll talk more about the website.
Have a great weekend!

Author: Unique Things

Retired with dogs is not at all what you would expect. I retired from DoD about 18 months ago. My spouse and I married a year ago and just had our first anniversary. We have two dogs that have honk they are not dogs but rulers of us. Read my blogs to see why I sometimes wish I was still working.

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