Side Hustle to Side Hustle

I know that I promised to talk about our second trip to the flea market, but I realized that I would have skipped over something that was important to K, not necessary to Unique Things or me. I blogged previously about two very different personalities entering into a business, also those two different people are married. I blogged about the importance of advertising and I’ll say it again: cut down on your products and spend the money advertising.

My spouse still had a hard time with the concept of less products more advertising. What she came up with was a side hustle to her already existing side hustle.

She wanted to sell Funko Pops. What are they? I can’t describe them, but you can see them in the pictures. I’m biased and see no value in these items, but she was again excited, not about Unique Things, but about selling these Funko Pops on the Unique Things website. Funko Pops on Unique Things was a big nope. Why? Because they are not unique to me. They all look the same; imitations of some character. I just described them, but for any more detail please refer to our website The fight begins. She gave me all of the reasons they should go on the Unique Things website, such as her collection, which had swelled to some 80 of these things was worth a lot of money. During my morning coffee, I heard again about the value of her Funko collection. I, in return, said, “Prove it sell some and let’s see if they sell for that much.” What I was trying to get her to understand was that, just because a Funko Pop Marketplace says, “Carson Wentz is worth $20″ doesn’t mean anything until you get a buyer who’s willing to pay that amount. Okay, this is where I talk about our second visit to the flea market.

We had everything packed and ready to go to the flea market, including Funko Pops. The weather was pretty good, and it was packed with vendors when we got there. We found a space, not paying attention to the vendors on either side of us. When we were about finished and I had a minute to checkout the vendors next us, I couldn’t believe it. There was a guy selling nothing but Funkos. I am thinking this is some kind of omen; not good. The second flea market experience was better because the weather was warm enough for outdoor traffic and the wind wasn’t blowing things all over the place. The people were friendly and helpful, which they were the first time too. You would not believe the first item to be sold was an autographed Herschel Walker Funko Pop. Herschel Walker had come to Fort Dix and he was nice enough to sign his Funko Pop for K. We did a lot better selling all of our items, and even though the guy next to us was selling Funko Pops, K was making a killing selling hers. I had to compromise on these Funko Pops, to be fair. When you go to our website, there is a category for those of you who are collectors of Funko Pops.

The setup and take down of all that is needed to sell in a flea market is just short of being an outdoor store for a day. It’s a pain, but once you’re there and people start coming over and buying, you forget all about the pain of setting up. The guy that was on the other side of us came very late and he sold birds, real birds. I found out he had a store, but on the weekends he shut down his store and came to the flea market. The flea market is a great place to sell. I’m not saying that every time you go out you will sell, but I will say it’s good for a weekend day when you have nothing to do and you want to take a chance on enlarging your customer base. We used flyers and business cards for people to take for future contact with us. The next blog will be after the flea market. Unique people, stay safe and blessed.

Author: Unique Things

Retired with dogs is not at all what you would expect. I retired from DoD about 18 months ago. My spouse and I married a year ago and just had our first anniversary. We have two dogs that have honk they are not dogs but rulers of us. Read my blogs to see why I sometimes wish I was still working.

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