Unique Things 2018

I would first like to thank all of the Unique People who have taken this journey with us. It hasn’t always been pretty, but somehow we’ve gotten this far. I can say this far, because sales have picked up and K is now thinking of starting a side hustle, to side hustle, to side hustle, I want to reiterate a few things I think are worth repeating.

It is not easy doing business with your spouse, especially if the communication isn’t there. You have to be on the same page, or get there. K and I have finally gotten on the same page. There must be a lot of listening and actually hearing what the other person is saying. We sometimes listen, but there is no hearing. I mean you have to understand what someone is saying. I think that research is important, so that you have an idea of what’s involved. We didn’t do the research, and it probably cost a lot of money and time that was unnecessary. You should know who you are targeting, so that your website, blog, or advertising will reach that group. At one time, we were so busy trying to make a sale that we forgot what Unique Things was really about. It would be nice to have a mission statement to look at daily to stay on point. I want you to realize that there will be disagreements when doing business with your spouse. It is okay to have disagreements, but just don’t let it become part of your relationship. When you find that a disagreement is carrying on into your relationship, you should step away from the business and plan a date night or some alone time. We didn’t do either, but it would have been so much easier if we had. I will say that advertising, to me, is the most important part of a business. K was buying, buying, and buying, and while we now have a lot of products, it does us no good if no one knows Unique Things exists. There are all types of advertising out there to spend money on, but if money is limited, choose carefully. We had web designers who said that, yes, they could do what we wanted, but in the end, there was nothing of our vision. They wanted the money, but also wanted to do what was easiest for them. Don’t ever feel that you can’t say no or fire someone who is not giving you what you want. We lost a lot of money not speaking up for ourselves soon enough, because people will have you believe they’ve spend hours on your site when the reality was they finished it in a couple of hours. Speak up for yourself and your business. The avenues that worked best for us were the flea market (after we understood how it worked), eBay, Ad Words, and of course, blogging. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting a business with your spouse or best friend – it takes time. Our expectations were high because we felt that Unique Things sold items that you didn’t see everywhere, therefore, we only had to put it out there and people would be knocking down our door. Well, we were so wrong. Unique Things does sell different items, but enticing people to buy our different items has been a challenge. The business is finally turning around after a year of learning. The American dream is entrepreneurship, but there’s no guarantee that every business will make it. You have to keep putting yourself out there, so people keep seeing you. It’s not easy to get people to spend money on a new business because of credit card fraud and people who misrepresent themselves. It’s a process of trying this and that to see what sticks. It’s 2018, and what I see for Unique Things is a store where people can actually come in and see how our products work. The best I can do right now is videos to show how our products work. I will keep you up to date on any significant occurrences at Unique Things. Again thank you

The first product I want to show you is a backpack with a hard shell speaker. I hope you come over to Uniquethingsonline.com when you need that special gift for a unique person in your life.

Author: Unique Things

Retired with dogs is not at all what you would expect. I retired from DoD about 18 months ago. My spouse and I married a year ago and just had our first anniversary. We have two dogs that have honk they are not dogs but rulers of us. Read my blogs to see why I sometimes wish I was still working.

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