Duo is a bag and blanket. Take it to the park, use it as a baby blanket endless possibilities. You just unzip the bag and it’s a blanket.


Hot Wheels TechMod Car. Put this car together and zoom around. That’s not all it’s a remote control for the app games


Musiclens Sunglasses

It’s Grandma Gadgeteer Time. I’m selling Musiclens Bluetooth Sunglasses on EBay. You can listen to your music and receive calls without taking your phone out of your pocket. I ship the same day and shipping is free. These are awesome with great sound. They are Brand New never used. The item number is 113817967782 just put that in EBay search. Thank you.

Let Us Shop For You Uniquethingsonline.com

We have something special going on at Uniquethingsonline.com. We want to help you make your day a little easier for you. We will do your shopping for you. While we can do new clothes and will at your request, we are focusing at this time on thrifting clothes. Here is all you have to do:

Customer service is in our blood. If we don’t have what you want, we’ll search for it. How does it work? Give us some basic information. Once we have the basic information the search begins for your item. Once we have located an item that we believe fits your request, we will purchase the item and send you a picture of the item. If the item picture meets your expectations then you’ll pay for the item plus five dollars for the search. Shipping is free. If you don’t like item picture you will owe us nothing. Our regular 30 day return policy is enforced for items that are mailed to you. Shipping is free.

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What’s great is that after we show you a picture, and you determine you don’t like the item after all, there’s no obligation on your part.
Thrifting has gotten quite a following recently. Why? The cost of items has become so out-of-control that you have to use all means at your disposal to make ends meet. There’s no shame in that. People thrift for many reasons, such as thrifted clothes are cheaper, and can be just as wearable as clothes that come from the store that has been taken home for trying on, no telling how many times. Thrifting, like so many things, has changed in society’s view. Take, for example, marijuana; it use to send you to jail, and that’s slowly changing as people have recognized that there are good qualities to marijuana. The same with thrifting; it was looked down upon to buy clothes from stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and back in the day there was John’s Bargain Store. People did shop at these stores, but it was kept quiet. When you went into a store and you saw somebody you knew, you both looked the other way. That was just was the way it was.  
Nowadays, you have all types of people combing through the clearance racks at stores trying to figure out how much of a markup they can add to a item’s cost. Here in Florida, thrifting is very very popular ;so popular that you have people lined up waiting for some thrift stores to open to get the bargains. When I witnessed this, I was blown away to see people in line waiting to get in. It was almost like Walmart’s early shopping at Christmas time. Wow!.
One of the most popular sites to sell your thrifted items on is Ebay. My spouse thrifts on Ebay, and it’s not as easy as you might think; especially to get your items up for sale within the first few items items people will see. My garage has become my spouse’s office. There are a couple of tables, a laptop, a camera, a tripod, white background, a steamer, and packaging. And then there’s the listing of your items, and you should post on a regular basis so that Ebay knows you are a serious seller. You have to deal with the customers, which can cause a lot of headaches. My spouse is very patient with people and, no matter how many times a customer asks for another picture, she will oblige them. You need a lot of patience; I just want to stress that again. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there that will tell you how to thrift and how to get views for your YouTube channels. You have lightly worn clothes, or things that you can’t fit (we all have clothes that we can’t wear). Thrifting might be a way to get rid of unused clothes, and make a few dollars on the side.
Thrifting is a lot of work, if you really want to be considered a thrifter. We at Unique Things can take care all of the headaches of thrifting for you; and remember, there’s no obligation to purchase if you change your mind and our fee is only $5.00 for searching for you. What can be better than that free shipping. Let us here at Unique Things shop for you. We offer free gift wrapping too.